उत्तर प्रदेश विकास पार्टी (UPVP)

UPVP- An Initiative Of Ex Corporate Management Strategic Professionals To Change “Face & Fate” Of UP.

Uttar Pradesh ! One Of Biggest States. A Torchbearer to not only for India but for all world since time of Lord Rama & Krishna.A State which produced India’s first freedom fighter Mangal Pandey.A State Which Has Given 8 Prime Ministers out of total 14 From the Time of Independence.A State Which decided the fate of political parties during Parliamentary election.A State Which changed the Life of our Past & current Prim Minister Mr. Narendra Modi & Home Minister Life too……….A State which Is Top 3rd economy in India with a GDP of  Rs . 9763 billion (US$150 billion) & Give 25-30% Business of Indian Business due to carrying largest Number Of Potential consumers / Manpower in India.A State which grows highest quantity of food Grains to feed not only it’s own residents but to feed all India Too without any discrimination.

A Count less List is here that what Uttar Pradesh has Given & Contributed To our Country & world for humanity Without expecting returns.

Click Link To Know More About Glory Of Uttar Pradesh– goo.gl/PDem0w

Yes ! Every Person belonging to UP (UPian) have proud over above described facts.

Now other side of coin- Even it’s great past & present historic contributions,still Uttar Pradesh is BIMARU RAJYA-बीमारू राज्य .

Click Link to Know More About BIMARU stateshttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BIMARU_states

Sad Part is This that after 60 years of independence a state which has given more than 8 prime minsters,why still is suffering for some very basic needs.Why Uttar Pradesh is always ignored.Does 8 prime minsters are not capable to develop Uttar Pradesh.


If India Is Dreaming To Become “Vishwa Guru” / world Leader.Can  it be possible without developing Uttar Pradesh ? Certainly Not ! Can’t Be Possible without Uttar Pradesh.Even Every politician is taking To make India World Leader but no body talking about development of Uttar Pradesh. More astonishing fact that current government Won His election From Varanasi but Biggest package was given to Bihar before elections (More Than 1.25 Laks Cr Rs. Package -Per Person 12 Lakhs Rs). Till date there is no discussion to develop Uttar Pradesh.Again Uttar Pradesh left far behind in mind of Politicians .If this is right vision to develop India  or any state,any body can guess how Uttar    Pradesh will develop.

We, The people from Uttar Pradesh should think now That even after our best contributions since Time of veda’s to today,why we left far behind ? why we are ignored every time ?

So Many Countries which are quite smaller than India / Uttar Pradesh Grown them self  as Global leaders like Japan,Singapore etc etc………..Now UPVP has decided to make Uttar Pradesh One Of Best Place To Live In world as per global parameters.

UPVP firmly believes that Uttar Pradesh in itself has enough capabilities to raise itself as global leader.. in all terms.Reasons are very much crystal clear…We have largest number of Potential consumer / Largest Number of Manpower & Talent etc etc.

If All 204.2 million (20 Cr.) people wake up and decide to grow & Make UP the best Living Place, No Political Parties can Ignore Uttar Pradesh,No Business community ,organization can ignore UP due to it’s Huge Market Potentials,even UPVP can Assure no Global Power Can Ignore Uttar Pradesh.

UPVP has decided to Change “Fate & Face” of Uttar Pradesh on it’s own behalf,which could not do by all politicians in last 60 years collectively neither these politicians will be able to do in coming next 60 years.

A Very strong logic is there for above statement.In Past,countries which grown well (like Japan) managed well their state’s resources & Management of any organization / State’s resources is a very complex matter which requires micro level expertise for planning & execution of those planning.Unfortunately,our leaders do not carry the Moral,educational,executional expertise to manage the vast resources of Uttar Pradesh.

Developing any Country is as easy as tough it looks. Example is Japan.After loosing every thing in 2nd world war & a country which is quiet small and has no natural resources developed well just in 60 years.Clearly it was their expert management capability by which they managed their resources ( Man/Money etc) well to touch new heights of development.


UPVP has decided to bring all such talents on one platform who carries proven management skills from their field so that diversified resources of Uttar Pradesh can be managed well to accomplish our vision.

A Complete Political,Economical & Social Reform is required for this vision and for same UPVP needs support from all Talents of different filed .Remember !

vishwa guru1

We don’t requires Traditional Political Leaders.Traditional Political Leaders can do politics,they can manage crowed during election ( even a Cine artist can do better this job), but can not deliver Targeted growth results.let them do Their Politics.

UPVP requires Intellectual Leaders/ Change Agents,UPVP needs Economical Leader,UPVP wants Social Leaders, who not only can speak / debate well but their speech/debate should be logical and based on facts so that Results can be delivered well and it should be realized on face of  every person of Uttar Pradesh Standing in last of Q.

Believe ! If Uttar Pradesh was world Leader In Past,again we can bring back it’s glory.Just by simple support of our talents.


Political Consultant

Our Political Consultant – The Consultants – http://theconsultants.net.in


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We Requires Social Media,SEO Experts & Web Page designer who can Donate their small skill & Talent to Make our Vision true.

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