न मंडल से न कमंडल से , न वायदों के बंडल से !
न तीरों से न तलवारो से ,न नेताओ के अरमानो से !
ये देश है वीर जवानो का ,चलता है उनकी ललकारो से !
>>>उत्तर प्रदेश विकास पार्टी (UPVP)<<<

vishwa guru1

Reason For Foundation Of UPVP – Politicians Can Do Politics,Can Manage Elections Well But They Can’t Manage The Resources,System,Development.

–> A Political Group Run By Ex Fortune 500 MNC’s Ex Corporate Strategist.
Dedicated To Change The “Face & Fate” Of Uttar Pradesh What Political Parties Could Not Do In Past 60 Years.

–>>A Cutting Edge Strategies To Manage The Uttar Pradesh & It’s Resources  Strategically To Make It world’s Best Place In All Terms By Professional Expertise.


UPVP (उत्तर प्रदेश विकास पार्टी ) An Initiative By Ex – Corporate Management Professionals.
हमारे नेता जी लोग नेतागीरी तो खूब कर सकते है पर क्या कभी उत्तर प्रदेश को सिंगापुर या विकसित राज्य बना सकते है ? अगर पिछले ६० सालो में अभी तक साडी पार्टियो के नेता मिलकर नहीं कर पाये तो आगे कैसे कर लेंगे ?
क्या इनके पास कोई रड़नीतिक योग्यता और क्षमता है की वो उत्तर प्रदेश जैसे बड़े प्रदेश को मैनेज कर सके ?
अपना जवाब दे और २०१७ के इलेक्शन में उत्तर प्रदेश का “Face & Fate” दोनों उत्तर प्रदेश विकास पार्टी …….के साथ बदले !
|| Develop UP To Make India World Guru ! A Digital Movement ! ||
—>Target UP Election 2017 To Change “Fate & Face” Of Uttar Pradesh<-
Let From Year 2017 Onwards,UP Government Should Run By Expert Management Professionals Not By Leaders.


Reason For Genesis Of UPVP – A proper Mgt. Of Resources Of UP

Join UPVP To Make It a leading Party In 2017 UP State Elections.
Uttar Pradesh Vikas Party (UPVP) is a Strategic Think Tank To develop Uttar Pradesh,Founded By Fortune 500 MNC’s Ex Strategic Professionals.
India Can’t Be World Leader ( Vishwa Guru) Until Uttar Pradesh Becomes India’s leader.History speaks That It was UP Which provided Talents Who Torchbear The India In Past & Made it World Leader.

Uttar Pradesh, A State which has Given Several Prime Ministers & Ministers To India,It’s The Land of Some Historic persons who Contributed Our Country To Make It Unique.Uttar Pradesh Was Always Torchbearer To India / world In Past.

Sad part that even Historic Contribution for Growth of India ,Uttar Pradesh is still Neglected & Falls Under “BIMARU RAJYA”.

Now UPVP has decided to change the Fate & Face Of Uttar Pradesh.

Let After 2017 Elections,The State Government Should be Managed By Qualified & Experienced Management Professionals Who Have Several Years Experience In Managing Resources successfully.

UPVP Thinks That Reason Behind Under development Of Uttar Pradesh Or India is not the shortage of Resources ( Man / Money/Skills etc etc) But Only Reason Is Mismanagement Of India / Uttar Pradesh State Resources.

Think For A Moment – Resource Management is a Typical & Very Complex process & Requires deep expertise & Experience .

Do You Think That This Typical Task Can Be executed By Our Politicians ? Do They Have enough Capability,Education,Professional expertise For Same ?

–> No ! Never ! Reason Is Crystal Clear ! They Do Not Carry Enough Expertise,Experience etc etc !

They (Politicians) Just Can do Politics,TV Shows,Debates,Public Rallies etc etc well, in which they are expert,experienced & trained well.

But Delivery Of Results in Given Time Period Is Never Possible By Politicians.
They Are Not Groomed & Expert In Planning,execution & Management of Resources.

This Is Reason That why Even after Long Time Of 60 Years after Independence, So Many Countries (Japan,Singapore etc) Developed Well But India / Uttar Pradesh is Still Underdeveloped.
Our Vision= We understand That Alone Uttar Pradesh Has Enough Resources To Beat Several Developed Countries.We Are Looking Uttar Pradesh As Most Developed State Across World In Coming Time”.
Our Mission=Making effective utilization Of Resources & Deploying An Effective Government & Administrative Systems Which will Keep performing For Ultimate Quality Improvement Of Every person standing in last of Q Of Uttar Pradesh
Providing an ultimate feeling of Safety,Self reliance & Overall world class satisfaction by all means to public which is ultimate responsibility of every Government.
How We Will Do It =
Task Is Typical But Easy If Executed in Proper way.
-We Will Not Do Any Politics- Let Politician Should do It.
-We will Not Bring Any Changes in Law or we will not create any new.
—->Then What—–>
Enough Resources Are There, Enough Manpower,talent is there,Enough Law,rules & Regulations Are There………………..No Need To Introducing New Change,Only Change is required ……………..
——->The Way How You Execute The Task<——–Change The Process—-
We Will Just Insure The Delivery of desired Results In Given Time By Best Possible Professional Executions by Implementing Best Quality Process on every small level of government,System, Task / Budget.

All persons living in UP,other states,Abroad are requested to Join & Contribute for This Mission.


———–>Work In progress To Make UP World Class state By Changing “Fate & Face” Of Uttar Pradesh .



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